These following rules apply on our Minecraft server, Discord server rules can be found in the #rules channel. Obeying these rules will make your life way easier on the server. By being a part of this community you automatically agree to our rules. It is also important to note that you may be punished for something which is not on this list if it exceeds a certain limit.

(1) Hacking, Cheating, Unfair Advantages

It should go as a given that any modifications to the original game which give you an Unfair Advantage is stricktly prohibited. (including X-Ray texture packs)

(2) Abusing Glitches

Abusing Glitches, or abusing unintentional game design is not allowed. Please open a support ticket on our Discord server and report the glitch instead.

(3) Community Misconduct

  1. No intentionally ruining a player's experience. (e.g. Curse of Binding pumpkins, Spawn Trapping)
  2. Do not utilize Invisibility Potions in the PvP Arena.
  3. No bypassing TogglePvP unless the other party agrees to it. (e.g. Crystal, Lava, Other)
  4. No offensive, anti-social, or questionable usernames/skins.
  5. No Community Griefing. (inappropriate structures)
  6. Impersonation is prohibited.

(4) Acceptable chat usage

  1. No anti-social behaviour.
  2. No discrimination, hate speach or NSFW topics.
  3. Please refrain from escelating arguments.
  4. Swearing is allowed, please keep it to a minimum.
  5. Advertising, posting links outside of EclipseMC is not allowed.

(5) Severe Topics

Listed below are some rules which are mandotary for you to follow. Violation of these rules may result in your access being permanently revoked from all of EclipseMC's Services.

  1. Punishment Evasion will result in all future known accounts being terminated. (Do not exceed 2 alts.)
  2. No disputing payments made to EclipseMC ®
  3. Real-World-Trading is stricktly prohibited.
  4. We have no tolerance for DDoS and/or DoX threats.