Welcome to the Official Guide for Skyblock Realm.

The original, and most popular gamemode on the EclipseMC Network. Here is a complete guide of what to do, how to play, and the best guide on how to make money on our Skyblock Realm.

What to do?

We get many questions on what to do on our Skyblock Realm. The simple answer is; the only limit is your creativity.

Creating a skyblock island!

Creating an island couldn't be easier on our server, with a shop full of materials to purchase, and an Auction House to find those items that you've been looking for. To create your island, run the command /is create. Feel free to go all out when creating a island.

How to make Money?

Making Money is very hard on this realm, mainly due to how we setup our shops and quests! listed below are a few commands which should get you earning on the Skyblock Realm.

  • /quests - Similar to jobs, although complete easy tasks for money!
  • /auctionhouse - Auction House flipping is a great starter way to make money.
  • /shop - Start up your own retail business by reselling items from the shop.